Purveyors of Time Personal Concierge & Lifestyle Management Can Give Some Back to You

By Jeannette Jones

Hiring an as-needed personal concierge/assistant is becoming more and more popular among individuals, families, and executives since our “time” is becoming more and more precious every day.  Not so long ago, people thought only high profile VIPs and celebrities hired their own personal assistants.  Well, not so much anymore.  Whether you are a celebrity or mere mortal, concierge and personal assistant services can be yours. 

We are a time-starved nation.  Everyone, it seems, is trying to squeeze 36 hours into a 24-hour day.  Adults want and need that extra help these days.  From busy executives to families with demanding schedules, Personal Concierge & Lifestyle Management services, such as mine, are almost essential. 

According to a recent survey, the majority of U.S. (64 percent) adults dread, and would happily outsource, a wide variety of tasks.  Most U.S. adults (75 percent) also believe that personal assistants are not just for celebrities.  “Time” IS the new luxury for everyone.

Everyday people are finding there just isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish everything they need to do.  In addition, the survey further revealed that 28 percent of the adults polled dreaded the task of organizing and paying bills and that it causes men more anxiety than women.  The number one most dreaded task, according to the survey, is research and organizing travel and vacation plans. 

Since time is so precious, people are opting for the benefits of an on-call/as-needed personal assistant service such as ours, Purveyors of Time.  We have grown substantially in the last few years as we provide the much-needed relief without the usual ball-and-chain that go along with employing a full-time or even a part-time assistant.  You can just pick up the phone, go online to our website, or send us an email with your business or personal requests and we jump to the task.  Purveyors of Time is known for our flexibility, personalized service and immediate attention to all our clients’ needs. 

Purveyors of Time is a full-service boutique concierge, personal assistant, lifestyle management and errand-running company offering unparalleled customer service to those needing assistance in the Los Angeles area….and beyond. 

I am a native Angelino, and have extensive knowledge of the City of Los Angeles and all surrounding areas.  I always strive to add a sophisticated flare to every project, offering my clients an unprecedented level of service excellence.  I have a strong entrepreneurial background that has been my driving force in establishing and growing Purveyors of Time into “THE” Premier Concierge Service in Los Angeles.

Our concierge associates are some of the most experienced in the hospitality industry.  They are dedicated to meeting our high standards of style, service, and personal attentiveness, ensuring that your needs are met with the warmth, grace and quality you expect.

From personal needs to professional demands, all of our clients enjoy a variety of lifestyle management services that run the gamut and ease their busy lives.  Purveyors of Time offers both competitive pricing and stellar service.  If you can think of it, we can do it…as long as it’s legal, ethical and moral.  From miscellaneous errands, personal shopping, grocery shopping, vacant home services, private chef services, vacation planning, luxury charters to locating hard-to-find items, the list goes on and on.  Our lifestyle management services offer exclusivity, pampering and give you back that most precious commodity these days…time!

If you are a busy entrepreneur or business person, we can handle your everyday tasks like shopping, handyman services, or business-related chores like messaging services, research projects and travel planning.  For those in the entertainment industry who are constantly on the road, we can help keep things running smoothly while you are gone and help handle all the details involved with your travels (like event planning, airport drop-offs and pick-ups, delivering your car(s) to an airport or FBO, etc.)

No need remains unfulfilled and no goal seems unattainable with Purveyors of Time at your service. Whether you want us to rent a luxurious vacation home, book an extraordinary hotel suite, find that exclusive Hermes bag, Purveyors of Time can handle any request.  We seek to provide all our clients with a sanctuary of intuitive, unwavering and highly-personalized service.  That is one thing that sets us apart from other “concierge” services…the extraordinarily personalized attention we provide. 

If you would like a personal shopper for a unique Los Angeles experience, a reservation for a bespoke spa treatment, or you want to charter a jet, yacht or helicopter while you are in town, we will get it done.  Remember, we can “be” your personal assistant, work with your existing personal assistant, complete your mundane tasks, or set up an unforgettable night out on the town…the possibilities are endless. 

Outsourcing routine responsibilities redirects time and energy toward a more fulfilling and less stressful life.  Our daily lives pull us in so many directions it is hard to decide which job to handle first.  When enlisting the assistance of a Purveyors of Time Personal Concierge, you will have more time to enjoy the things that matter most in your life.    Purveyors of Time Personal Concierge offers on-call/as-needed services as well as comprehensive membership packages.  Visit our website for more information on how we can help you.  Or, contact us by calling 310-471-7151 today for a personal assessment of your individual needs.  We would be delighted to help.