Well, if winning a free trip isn’t luxury, I don’t know what is. That’s why I picked up on Travel Guard’s latest contest. Here’s the deal as they published it:

What happens when a man’s scalp becomes home to a family of squirmy visitors? Or when a couple tackles Cozumel on a moped? How does a young woman react when her girfriend’s gallblader attackes before vacation. Read their stories — and more like them — and the sometimes unlikely people who came to their rescue in Travel Guard’s World’s Unluckiest Traveler 2: The Rescue. Have a story of your own? This is your chance to win!

Travel Guard is searching for random acts of kindness. Have your own “hero” story to tell? Tell your story and win:

1.  A chance to win $2,000 in roundtrip airfare. Now through Labor Day, visit TravelGuard.com/Unlucky and nominate your hero for a chance to win.

2. The top good-deed doer, as voted by you, will win a $10,000 “Hero’s Vacation.”

Sometimes, it takes only one good deed to  turn a travel nightmare around. Inspire with your story and receive a chance to win big.